Warm Bamboo Massage

What is Warm Bamboo Massage?

The technique of using warm bamboo is relatively new.

Gently heated pieces of smooth bamboo are used for kneading tight muscles and rolling out tension.

As the soothing heat penetrates the muscles it triggers the body’s automatic relaxation response, making it easier to access those areas of underlying tension.

That’s when Ed’s skilled, sensitive hands to their magic and work out even the deepest knots – painlessly.

The results are incredible.

Muscles get looser, joints become more flexible and an amazing sense of well being washes over you.



Get rid of the stress
The body’s natural reaction to stress is to tense up and get ready for “fight or flight”. Chronic tension causes muscles to knot up. A dull ache can eventually lead to pain as muscles become less flexible and more prone to injury.

Warm Bamboo massage can reverse this cycle. It’s the perfect antidote to pain and tension.

Don’t let the pain keep you from doing the things you enjoy


Do you suffer ever suffer from sore sore muscles, neck, back or shoulder pain?

Are you losing flexibility as you get older?

Have you had a painful injury?

Has your energy deserted you?

Is stress getting the best of you?

Warm Bamboo makes life feel better

Melt away stubborn knots and tension

alleviate back and shoulder pain

increase joints and muscle flexibility

improve sports performance and enduranceincrease energy and vitality

soothe away stress

improve overall health and well being

renew your body and calm your mind

Aftercare advice:

Drink plenty of water, to help flush toxins from the body

Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol

A quiet 24 hours if possible, avoiding strenuous activity

£38.00 for a 60-minute appointment slot

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