Suitability for Waxing Treatments

The following conditions will prevent me carrying out your waxing treatment or a GP referral will be required before any treatment is carried out.


Diabetes: The skin is slow to heal and may have poor circulation along with blood sugar levels may need monitoring.

Epilepsy: As there is risk of fitting

Haemophila Operations/Recent scar tissue – You would need to wait 6 months until you have waxing over scar tissue. This is so the natural healing process takes place as waxing could interfere with the healing process which would be painful.

Clients with sunburn/heatrash: If you have sunburn or heat rash from the sunbed or sun you will have to wait 24 hours until waxing can be carried out. As the skin would be very hot and the waxing would be very painful and may pull skin.

Contagious skin conditions listed below requiring GP referral due to cross infection.

Impetigo : - A small patch of reddening of the skin that becomes a cluster of white blisters which turn yellow. A highly contagious infection which requires antibiotics.

Stye: – Inflammation of the eyelid, often the upper lid. It is caused by an infection in the hair follicle, swelling, redness and can be painful. Scratching or rubbing the area may cause the infection to spread.

Boils – An infection of the hair follicle caused by the staphylocci bacteria. Inflammtion occurs with pus formation.

Viral infections listed below - Requiring GP referral due to cross infection

Conjuctivitis Itchy sore eyes/eye which weep green fluid during sleep. Antibiotics normally required.

Shingles - Caused by the chicken pox virus (Herpes Zoster). If you have shingles it is advised not to have waxing until the infection has passed.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) - ( Genital warts/genital herpes)- Gp referral required due to cross infection If having intimate waxing, Vaseline will be put on the warts providing they are closed, unfortunately I am unable to wax over warts.


Fungal infections listed below requiring GP referral due to cross infection

Ringworm - Can effect various parts of the body, large red scaly or inflamed itchy areas of skin. Highly contagious and unable to wax until infection has cleared.

Scabies – Caused by a parasite and is highly contagious. A doctor’s consent will be required when infection has cleared.

Lice Head,body and pubic areas. Infestation of the hair and clothes by tiny insects which suck the blood. Intense irritation which makes the suffer scratch constantly. Doctors consent needed once infection has cleared.

The following conditions may restrict your treatment

Coldsores(herpes simplex) A highly contagious blister normally found around lips of mouth. Usually clears up in around 2 weeks

Bruises cuts and abrasions These can be painful whilst having waxing and could cause further damage or hinder the natural healing process. A doctors note will be required if the cuts and abrasions are open/ weeping as it can lead to cross infection.

Allergies -I will need to know if have any allergies due to the ingredients in the wax.

Skin Disorders

Psoriasis Patches of skin with red raised areas and silvery scaly skin which can become infected. The body makes new skin far to quickly for the skin to cope causing this condition. Open or weeping psoriasis can cause cross infection, making it unable to wax. A doctors note is required.

Eczema - A red raised rash which is itchy and cracks can bleed and weep. Varies with each individual. Unable to wax with open sores and a doctors note is required.
Raised and hairy moles Unless moles are inflamed, swollen or weeping, there are no problems waxing over them.

Allergies -I will need to know if have any allergies due to the ingredients in the wax.

Varicose Veins: Doctors consent will be needed due to the vein being so close to the surface of the skin. Slight possibility the vein could rupture and cause bleeding.

Menstruation: During a woman’s period the pain threshold is at its lowest immediately before and during her period. Hormones which stimulate the regrowth of hair are most active during this time. Providing you are happy to be waxed during your period I am happy to wax you, as long as you are aware the pain may be slightly higher than other times.

Self Tan: Waxing may cause your self tan to appear patchy.

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