Male Intimate Massage

Essentially similar to a Naturist Massage with softer and gentler massage techniques. These massages includes sensual massage of intimate areas and the client has the option to touch or massage the therapist if desired.

The massage comes in several variants:

Standard Sensual Massage - described above.
Sensual Massage with Deluxe Facial using Kaeso skincare products.
Sensual Four Hands Massage - a shorter session with two massage therapists.
Close Contact Touch Massage - involves a more body to body experience with touch and massage combined with tantric elements.
Japanese Nuru - a style of massage that originated in Japan. It is a sensual massage between two people using full body contact.

Songbird massage waxes are used providing

  • excellent grip control 
  • smooth and easy application
  • leaves skin silky and moisturised

Also to enhance the atmosphere, essential oils are diffused into the room to promote relaxation and achieve a sense of completeness and well-being.

Massage tuition for two.

Learn to massage your partner with a three - four hour hands on practical massage workshop.  Email for further details.

Standard Sensual Massage 60 minutes £65.00
Standard Sensual Massage 90 minutes £96.00
Standard Sensual Massage 120 minutes £130.00
Sensual Massage with Deluxe Facial 90 minutes £96.00
Sensual Four Hands Massage 45 minutes £69.00
Sensual Four Hands Massage 60 minutes £96.00
Close Contact Touch Massage 90 minutes £96.00
Close Contact Touch Massage 120 minutes £130.00
Japanese Nuru 60 minutes £75.00
Japanese Nuru 90 minutes £112.00
Massage Tuition - per couple 240 minutes £200.00

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