Lava Shell Relax

Lava shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool. These eco-friendly massage tools require no electricity to heat up.

A sachet containing a blend of food-grade minerals is placed inside the shell and a simple salt water activator is added causing a natural chemical reaction which produces heat. This exothermic reaction will continue to generate heat for over an hour. Less shells are required for a massage compared to stones, therefore the therapist will have more time with the client and a more effective massage treatment is provided.


Physiological Effects of Warming the Body’s Tissues

Increases local metabolism – the amount of oxygen / nutrients is improved helping remove dead cells and to increase the growth of new cells

Vasodilation – the dilation of superficial blood vessels increase heart rate and the blood pressure will fall. Also causes erythema on the skin, improving skin colour and condition

Soothes and sedates sensory nerve endings – which will relieve pain

Increased flexibility of connective tissues – the range of movement of ligaments and tendons will improve

Stimulates sweat glands – resulting in elimination of toxins from the body

Speeds up digestion and waste removal

Promotes relaxation

Other Benefits of Lava Shell Massage

Promotes extreme relaxation

Reduce stress

Improve circulation

Improves skin appearance

Reduces tight, tenses muscles

Seamless massage of heat and touch

What does it involve?

Your first appointment will begin with a consultation during which I will ask you about your current health, medical history and emotional well-being. All details are held in the strictest of confidence. The massage will then be tailored to suit your specific needs and can be soothing and relaxing or stimulating and invigorating.

The treatment is carried out whilst you are lying on a massage couch. Throughout your treatment, you will be covered with soft towels, exposing only the area of the body being massaged, to ensure you feel comfortable always in a secure environment. The massage will start with light strokes and gentle pressure and build up to deeper strokes and firmer pressure, whilst maintaining a slow rhythm throughout. Soothing background music is played to help you feel relaxed and at ease.


How will I feel after a treatment?

Most people experience a sense of well-being, calmness and relaxation, others find it uplifting and revitalising.

Who can benefit from Lava Shell Relax Massage?

Lava Shell Relax Massage therapy can help in the treatment of the following conditions:

Muscular aches, pains & strains

Rheumatic and arthritic conditions

Circulatory problems



Back pain


Stress & tension

Anxiety & Depression

Aftercare advice:

Drink plenty of water, to help flush toxins from the body

Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol

A quiet 24 hours if possible, avoiding strenuous activity

Lava Shell Relax Body Massage 60 minutes £50.00
Lava Shell Relax Back Massage 30 minutes £36.00
Lava Shell Shot Treatment – a quick shot of instant hot relief to stressed areas. 15 minutes £22.00
New - Lava Shell Relax Body Massage with Sienna X Facial Treatment 90 minutes £80.00
New - Lava Shell Relax Body Massage with Kaeso Foot Care Treatment 90 minutes £80.00
New - Lava Shell Relax Body Massage with Sienna X Facial and Kaeso Foot Care Treatment 120 minutes £100.00

Ready to find out more?

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