Intimate Waxing Treatments

Treatment*: Price:
IW1 – Male Brazilian Wax (penis, scrotum, buttocks, crack) £50.00
IW2 – Male Hollywood Wax (as Brazilian plus pubic region) £55.00
IW3 – Male Scrotum, pubic triangle & penis waxing (pubic hair trimmed or removed) £40.00
IW4 – Male Back, Sack & Crack Wax (Full back & Brazilian Wax) £75.00
IW5 – Male Full Buttock Wax (includes inside and outside the crack) £35.00
IW6 – Male Buttock Cheek Wax £20.00
IW7 – Male Crack Wax £20.00
IW8 – Back & Butt waxing (includes full back & full buttock wax) £55.00
***New***IW9 – Male Pubic triangle only £30.00
***New***IW10 – Male Penis, Sack & Crack £45.00
***New***IW11 – Male Front & Rear Combo (penis, buttocks, crack, full chest & abs) £75.00
IW12 – Male Full Body Waxing Treatments (from the neck downwards) £180.00

Trimming only – see General Waxing.

Price includes any trimming required to the waxing treatment.
* denotes non strip waxing methods will be applied which is gentler than conventional paper strip waxing methods

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